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What we do.

These are only a handful of the services we provide. Ask us how we can help you!

Car Audio

Your vehicle can be a great place to enjoy your music. Why not make it sound that much better?

Security Systems

There's nothing worse than thieves. With security stop them before you lose something irreplaceable.


Long trip coming up? Stick a flick on, your kids will thank us! Add navigation and you'll never get lost!

Bluetooth Connectivity

Our Bluetooth solutions allow you to control your wireless devices and eliminate those annoying wires.

Remote Starters

Start your vehicle from inside your home and watch the snow melt or feel the coolness once inside.

Marine Audio

What's better than lounging on your boat in the summer? How about some music with that?

Headlight Upgrades

Not seeing enough at night? Stick in some LEDs to brighten things up and save energy!

Heated Seats

Do you like having a warm caboose on a cold day? Then you need to get yourself some seat heaters!

Radar Detectors

Heavy foot? Love speed but want to be safe?
We have detectors to help you "fly" under the radar.

Back-up Cameras

Need a little assistance back there? Back up all on your own now with a aftermarket rear view camera.

ATV/UTV Stereos

Need some tunes while your in the back country?
Be the envy of all your friends, they'll thank you later.

Vehicle Detailing

Have a special date, but a bomb blew up in your car? We'll sort you out so they don't see the mess.

Who we use.

We use the top brands of the auto 12v industry. These are just a few.